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Aqua & Beige Rustic Wood Clock - Elmore

13 in. square
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- Measures 13" Square 3.0 pounds - 100% handmade with a lifetime guarantee
- Ready to hang out of the box. Includes attached "V" ring and wall hanger
- Virtually silent movement. Runs on AA Battery (not included).
- Free domestic shipping
- Outdoor resistant, porch friendly. Keep under cover - no raindrops

The Elmore features muted versions of oyster, lagoon blue and coconut white and reminds us of a carefree July 4th in a Louisiana swamp bungalow. You won't find it in a Pottery Barn. I'm told it would be priced almost double because it's handmade by me with just brush and paint. Its' rough-hewn complexion comes from a 2 day, 10 step distressing process created through years of trial and error.

We buy wood from Norway to New Zealand that's accumulated a lifetime of nicks and bumps. A wooden clock with this level of charm is not possible using store-bought lumber. Crafted for longevity, Goathopper wall clocks are to be passed down for generations. The Elmore is a member of our Beach collection where tropical, carefree colors and mellowed distressing make for a wall clock that's both frolicsome and rough-hewn.

Whether it's coastal beach decor, industrial farmhouse decor or urban modern design its’ proven adaptability makes the Goathopper an ideal utility piece for any wall including the kitchen, den or outdoor porch.

NOTE: We could make you a clock in a day, but it would show. The real deal takes 3 to 5 business days. Only then does it earn the famous Goathopper seal and logo on the face. We've been told it's well worth the wait.